Housing Clinic:

This program is designed to support tenants on a one to one basis.

Do you have housing problems? Get Free Help!

• Get the housing code violations history of your building
• Fill a rent reduction form due to lack of services
• Fill out a DHCR housing complaint for harassment from your landlord
• Get a rent history to find out your legal rent
• And many others housing complaints against your landlord


• Monday and Thursday only. By appointment 212.234.3002

Parenting Skills Training:

Call to register in our parenting skills training now and save your space for next cycle. The classes are held every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Come to our parenting skills training and learn:
• Positive methods to discipline your child
• How to promote better behavior in your children
• How to better communicate with your children
• Problem prevention techniques
• How to promote behavior guided by the principles of cooperation,
responsibility and mutual respect.

See Photo Gallery

For information call 212-234-3002

The Mirabal Computer Training:

This is oriented to our youth and adults members who are provided with the basics computer knowledge to develop flyers, newsletters, newspapers and other publications to make a more effective work in our community.

The Center has developed two courses:

Computer Basic: This level was designed to people whom wants to start in the information Technology. In this course students learn about Windows Basic, Keyboard and Mouse manage, computer componets, working with Desktop, Saving Document, etc.

Internet: Knows about the most important tool for investigation today is important. Students learn about the World Wide Web, Internet Explorer, Web Site, Searching the Web with Google an others "search engine sites", create a use an Email, etc.

Microsoft Office: Uso de Microsoft Word, create and format document, create mailing list, etc.

Graphic Program:

Design Elements. Our members learn the essential tools of CorelDraw, Photoshop and Quark Xpress. They also learn the theory of form, color and design distribution.

Art Production. Our members learn the techniques to create Logos, Business Cards and other publications. We encourage the creativity of the individuals to develop the desired publications.


Dona a las Hermanas Mirabal

Hazte un aliado del Centro para un verdadero Cambio Comunitario y ayudar a mejorar las vidas de las comunidades que luchan. Su donación al Centro es una contribución deducible de impuestos a una organización sin fines de lucro 501 (c) 3. Por favor, haga clic en el botón DONATE abajo para hacer una donación de regalo de una vez que es rápido y seguro. Después, irá al sitio web seguro de PayPal para ingresar su información personal. Gracias.



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Siguenos - Redes Sociales

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